3D Scanning & Motion Capture (IN2354)

3D Scanning & Motion Capture (IN2354) (SS24)

Welcome to the 3D Scanning & Motion Capture course offered in SS24.

General Course Structure

The course will be held in a hybrid / "flipped classroom" format. Please attend the first session at the beginning of the semester (16.04.2024) where we will cover the class structure and planning in more detail.

Lecture slides and videos will be uploaded to the Moodle course. In addition, there is opportunity for Q&A for each lecture (during Fridays office hours, please reach out to the lecturer via e-mail).

The class features exercises consisting of additional tutorial and solution videos. The exercises contain practical coding tasks and can be submitted to obtain a grade bonus for the final exam. We encourage students to actively participate in discussions on Moodle. Additionally, we offer in-person Q&A sessions about the exercises (Tuesdays). The exercise submissions will start on the third week of the semester (unrated test-submission in the second week).

The second half of the semester will feature a final project, instead of exercises. You will work on a reconstruction/tracking project in groups of 3-4 students and are supervised by the teaching assistants through weekly written project reports and the possibility for in-person discussions. We introduce you to possible project topics during the in-person Q&A sessions (Tuesdays), so we highly encourage you to join the sessions and think about interesting project directions early.

External Students & Late TUM Online Registrations

We want to provide access to our lecture for as many students as possible. If you are affiliated with TUM (e.g. LMU student, Ph.D. student, TUM student who cannot register for courses yet but have a TUM token, etc.), we will add you to our class manually. To be added as an external student, please fill in the following form: External student registration form.

If you are a student from another university or simply interested in this course, you can access the lecture videos through this webpage which will be updated accordingly.


See lecture links below.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Matthias Niessner


SWS: 4


Submission dates:

Teaching Assistants: Marc Benedi and Artem Sevastopolsky and Lukas Höllein

For details about the exercises please refer to the first in-person session (16.04.2024). In particular, you will submit your solutions via Moodle.

Exercise material and recordings are only available to registered students on the Moodle course.

Lecture Slides and Recordings

Q&A Sessions

In addition to the tutorial and solution videos we also offer to discuss questions in person. This semester, the Q&A for the exercises will be held in-person (Tuesdays, 14.15-15.45).

Final Exam and Credits

The final exam date is TBD. Credits are only awarded for students that participated and successfully passed the exam.

Questions in the final exam will be about lecture content and your final project.



We will use Moodle for discussions, exercise material and to distribute exam related information. The slides and lecture recordings will also be posted and maintained on Moodle, but the identical material is hosted on this website.

TUM students can register directly with TUM email address. The other students (e.g. LMU student) need to manually send their email address to us to get enrolled on Moodle.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the organization of the course, do not hesitate to contact us (see below).

For questions on the syllabus, exercises or any other questions on the content of the lecture, we will use the forum discussion board.


Future Semesters

This class will be offered next semester (WS24/25) as well. Exercise bonus can be transferred.