TUM AI Guest Lecture Series

Welcome to the TUM AI Guest Lecture Series. This is a virtual talk series on various topics in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Our invited speakers are experts in their field and have already received international recognition for their work.

Upcoming Talks

photo Victor Lempitsky
Samsung AI Center, Skoltech

This talk is scheduled for February 26th, 18:00 (GMT+1)

Previous Talks


photo Raquel Urtasun
University of Toronto, Uber
photo Richard Szeliski
University of Washington
photo Andrea Vedaldi
University of Oxford, Facebook AI Research


photo Yaser Sheikh
Facebook Reality Labs
photo Frank Dellaert
Georgia Tech, Google
photo Kristen Grauman
University of Texas, Facebook AI Research
photo Niloy Mitra
University College London, Adobe Research
photo Christian Theobalt
MPI for Informatics, Saarland University
photo Tali Dekel
Google, Weizmann Institute of Science
photo Bill Freeman
MIT, Google
photo Andrew Davison
Imperial College London
photo Noah Snavely
Cornell Tech, Google
photo Andreas Geiger
University of Tübingen, MPI
photo Sanja Fidler
University of Toronto, Nvidia, Vector Institute
photo Bharath Hariharan
Cornell University
photo Gerard Pons-Moll
Max Planck Institute for Informatics
photo Justin Johnson
University of Michigan, Facebook AI Research
photo Angjoo Kanazawa
UC Berkeley, Google Research
photo Vincent Sitzmann
Stanford University, MIT

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If you have any questions regarding the TUM AI Guest Lecture Series, do not hesitate to contact us at: dejan.azinovic@tum.de